We’ve been creating loyalty apps for small businesses since 2012.

Here’s a few recent examples… the first 2 use a points-per-spend rewards system, whilst the last 2 use a more traditional stamp-per-visit system:

SmallWorld Cafe Marbella

SmallWorld Cafe (Marbella)

Bloomsbury Beauty London

Bloomsbury Beauty (London)

Radiance London

Radiance (London) .

Evolve Hair Studio

Evolve Hair Studio (Toronto)


Our new points-per-spend system is more expensive yet still affordable and feasible for small and medium-sized businesses. Such a system is rarely found in small business loyalty apps as it was previously unaffordable or unavailable. You’ll notice that most loyalty apps created for larger restaurant and salon chains typically use this style as it more accurately rewards customers whose spending varies.

How does the points-per-spend loyalty app work?

The customer opens the loyalty section of your app where they can view current points and the rewards offered by the business. Opening this tab automatically checks them in, meaning they appear at the top of the list in the business dashboard (a separate business app is used by staff). A member of staff then awards x number of points to that customer, typically 1 point per £ or $ or € spent. When the customer has enough points to redeem a reward, the member of staff applies the redemption and gives the customer the reward.

Traditional Loyalty Stamp System

This works like a traditional coffee shop stamp card, with one stamp given for each coffee purchased. The customer would either scan a QR code using the app, or you’d type a secret code into the app on their phone.


Get in touch to discuss your loyalty app options. We now also offer the points-per-spend loyalty program as a Facebook Messenger bot.

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