Stand out in the crowd with a cutting edge marketing tool – a car dealership chatbot for Facebook Messenger.

A car dealership chatbot is a fun and interactive way to allow potential clients to browse through an option tree of your cars, answering questions based on their preferences in order to receive relevant vehicle recommendations; all within Facebook Messenger. Potential customers can also subscribe to receive relevant updates, which they’ll receive via Messenger. TRY OUT OUR DISCOVERY CHATBOT DEMO

Embrace technology! This is a unique opportunity to be ahead of the competition by catching the imagination of customers who already spend their time within Facebook Messenger – recently reported to have one billion active monthly users.

People love passing the time viewing car photos, while serious potential buyers can use it as a tool to find exactly what they’re looking for, as opposed to browsing through a standard website.  After the user finds a car of interest, they can be prompted to book an appointment, or to contact your company by pressing a button; perhaps to call the office or to open up a regular Messenger conversation, or to leave their details to be contacted.

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