After 5 years of developing loyalty apps and games for businesses around the world, we’ve now created a loyalty rewards bot that runs within Facebook Messenger!

Forget the hassle of downloading apps and scanning codes. We’ll create a loyalty rewards bot for your business, that customers can easily access by simply opening the Messenger app on their smartphone or tablet and then tapping the Check-in button in an automated conversation with your <Business Name> Loyalty Page. A member of staff will then use a web-based bot to award x number of points / stamps to that customer, selecting their name off the list of recently check-in customers. The customer will get an instant notification in Messenger when points are awarded and when they redeem of a reward.

Your business can choose between a more modern points-per-spend loyalty system (i.e. customer spends $18, earns 18 points) and a more traditional stamp system, i.e. one coffee = one stamp. After making this choice, you’ll simply provide up to 3 rewards to offer; these can be changed later too. You should be up and running within a day or two.

An added benefit is that you can use the Messenger channel to communicate directly with your customers over time, to share specials and the latest loyalty rewards, to help retain customers and drive sales of particular items that they might not otherwise have tried.


(or visit this page for the loyalty stamp card version)

You’ll use these two bots at the same time…

1 – Customer Bot

First try the Messenger demo HERE – tap the Get Started button (first visit) or say Hi (subsequent visits) to check-in as a customer

2- Business Bot

After checking in on Messenger… CLICK ON THE BLUE CHAT CIRCLE in the bottom right of this page to open up the business / staff bot. Say Hi to start it up, then select your name, award yourself points and redeem rewards. If you need to restart it at any point just type Exit, then Hi again. ALTERNATIVELY, you can do this in the Telegram app – username @DemoLoyaltyBot. We’d actually recommend this method for your live bot.

For a limited time only, take advantage of a 14-day free trial, followed by a monthly price of $20 / £15 per location.

Get in touch using the contact form below to learn more about creating your loyalty rewards bot… or sign up here

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