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Salon Apps Sydney

Make it possible for consumers in Sydney to book, earn rewards, view prices and receive push notification offers through your own salon app.

The big picture with salon apps is that they enable you to use the most modern marketing channel available; push messages. Salons typically use these as an alternative to the cluttered, dated and ineffectiveness of email marketing and social media, to announce last minute availability, flash deals, promotions, tips and any relevant news that they they wish for their audience to see.

Downloading apps is just what people do nowadays, so offering a salon app as part of your marketing package creates a stronger bond with existing clients while catching the eye of new customers. By earning rewards for salon visits, customers have one less reason to try your competitor next time they require beauty services.

Salon apps in Sydney are an essential modern marketing tool, we’ve made more than 175. Contact us to see your preview: 02 8046 6480

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