Stand out in the crowd with a cutting edge marketing tool – a Shopify retailer chatbot for Facebook Messenger.

A Shopify retailer chatbot is a fun and interactive way to allow potential customers to browse through an option tree of your products, answering questions based on their preferences in order to receive relevant product recommendations and make purchases, all within Facebook Messenger. You can also send mass updates to any past users of your bot, which they’ll receive via Messenger. TRY OUT OUR SHOP DEMO or the TOMMY HILFIGER BOT

Embrace technology! This is a unique opportunity to be ahead of the competition by catching the imagination of customers who already spend their time within Facebook Messenger – recently reported to have one billion active monthly users.

People love passing the time viewing product photos within an interactive visual guide, while using it as a tool to find and buy what they’re looking for, as opposed to browsing through a standard website.

Check out the Spring chatbot or this Whole Foods recipe discovery chatbot on Facebook Messenger:

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