1) What we will get from the app and what the customer will get from it?

The biggest feature is the geo-targeted push notification alerts system. You want customers to download the primarily so that you can send push messages to them. Each message can be geo-targeted making them more relevant, for example, London news and offers are only relevant to people in the London area. This can also be useful for last minute deals when you’re having a slow day. People will download it to not miss out on news & offers, but also because downloading apps is what people do nowadays.

2) Why will people use our app when they already have our social sites and the website? How is it different?

Your social media posts have a small chance of being seen in the newsfeed, a situation that gets worse every day as people follow more profiles while social media platforms sell that space to brands that pay to promote their posts. Even if the post is seen amongst an endless list, a push message from a local business is less likely to be auto-ignored.

3) Who looks after push notifications? General updating – who does this and how?

You can log in to the dashboard online or using an app to send out messages and see download / usage stats. We’ll walk you through this. You’ll be able to easily update things, we’re around to help if you’re stuck or will just do it for you if it’s not worth knowing. We’ll take care of everything in the early days to get it up and running fully.


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