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Cafe Apps Miami

Cafes in Miami can take advantage of the mobile revolution by having their own iPhone, iPad & Android cafe app for customers to use for offers, news, specials, requests, loyalty rewards, feedback, menus, social media feeds, foodstagrams and much more.

An app is the most modern communication channel available to cafes, who can log in to send push notification alerts at any time. Cafes typically use this to share last minute deals during slow hours (which can be sent to only those nearby at the time, or even just to previous customers who walk past), promotions, news. To see two example apps, search for Chilli Cake Deli or Notes Coffee on the App Store or Google Play.

For those salons interested in offering loyalty stamps, there are two options… QR Code or Secret Code. The former requires the customer to use your cafe app to scan a QR Code by the cashier, while the latter requires a member of staff to type a code into the customer’s app on their phone (less popular option).

Miami cafe apps are an essential modern marketing tool, contact us today at 305-219-7868 to see your preview.

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