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Loyalty Apps – Miami

Engage consumers in Miami with loyalty apps to earn rewards for the money they spend on goods and services. Gamifying loyalty and rewarding customers for their purchases gives them one extra reason to not try your competitor next time around.

Instead of an old fashioned paper loyalty stamp card, offer customers a mobile version within your own iPhone, iPad & Android app that they can carry around with them at all times. Once they have your app (logo) on their homescreen you will have created a direct marketing channel in the one place that they are addicted to checking.

An app is the most modern communication channel available to small businesses, who can log in to send push notification alerts at any time, with the option of geo-fencing too. For those small businesses interested in offering loyalty stamps, there are two options… QR Code or Secret Code. The former requires the customer to use your loyalty app to scan a QR Code by the cashier, while the latter requires a member of staff to type a code into the customer’s app on their phone.

Miami loyalty apps are an essential modern marketing tool. To see how this works, contact us at 305-219-7868 to see a quick demo.

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