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Realtor App Designer

In one of the most competitive industries, it Is essential that your marketing efforts stand out amongst the crowd. Every realtor has a website, business cards and social media pages, yet not all have a realtor app for their clients and potential clients to use. This is simply because realtor apps have only recently become affordable for any good realtor to have, costing hundreds not thousands.

People prefer to use their smartphones and tablets over a desktop computer when it comes to searching for properties to buy or rent. They are probably already using an app to aid their search, are they using yours?

Your realtor app could display your listings as points on a map or in list form with all of the relevant info, embed your MLS search url, sync your social media feeds / blog, include videos, a mortgage calculator, collect user data and make it easy for people to contact you.

With our geo-fence messaging system, you could automatically send push notifications to people when they’re nearby one of your listings. For example, this could be a great way to promote your upcoming open house.

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