Camden Web Designer

[vc_row][vc_column][ut_header][/ut_header][vc_column_text] Looking for a Camden web designer? We make low cost, high quality websites for small businesses in Camden and throughout London and the UK. We charge just £295 for regular websites (extra for e-commerce and more complicated projects). Check

Loyalty Bot

After 5 years of developing loyalty apps and games for businesses around the world, we've now created a loyalty rewards bot that runs within Facebook Messenger! Forget the hassle of downloading apps and scanning codes. We'll create a loyalty rewards bot for your

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Payments

As of this week, Facebook Messenger bots can now take payments natively, without having to send the user out to an external website to complete the payment.   Facebook’s head of Messenger David Marcus announced onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt SF

Pizza Hut food ordering chatbot

Pizza Hut, one of the world's largest restaurant chains, has announced that it will launch a food ordering chatbot for Facebook Messenger and Twitter. A food ordering chatbot will make it possible to order and pay for your favourite pizza

Salon Apps Sydney

Make it possible for consumers in Sydney to book, earn rewards, view prices and receive push notification offers through your own salon app. The big picture with salon apps is that they enable you to use the most modern marketing

Cafe Apps Miami

Cafes in Miami can take advantage of the mobile revolution by having their own iPhone, iPad & Android cafe app for customers to use for offers, news, specials, requests, loyalty rewards, feedback, menus, social media feeds, foodstagrams and much more.

Loyalty Apps – Miami

Engage consumers in Miami with loyalty apps to earn rewards for the money they spend on goods and services. Gamifying loyalty and rewarding customers for their purchases gives them one extra reason to not try your competitor next time around.

Realtor App Designer

In one of the most competitive industries, it Is essential that your marketing efforts stand out amongst the crowd. Every realtor has a website, business cards and social media pages, yet not all have a realtor app for their clients

Coffee shop app push notifications… don’t get ignored

When your coffee shop wishes to share an important or late notice announcement, what do you do? People auto-ignore or simply don't see social media posts or email as they are old marketing channels that no longer catch attention. With your own

3 App Questions from a Marketing Manager

1) What we will get from the app and what the customer will get from it? The biggest feature is the geo-targeted push notification alerts system. You want customers to download the primarily so that you can send push messages

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